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Kristina Koh
Published on
Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Arc is rooted in the idea that measured, real-world performance is an essential part of green building practice. Expanded performance tools are now available for all LEED projects, both registered and certified. This gives every LEED project free access to most of the capabilities of Arc Essentials.

What is available?

The new Arc tools give LEED project teams new solutions to common challenges by allowing them to

  • Measure, track and report operational performance.
  • Select custom date ranges to analyze performance for specific periods of time (e.g., calendar years, fiscal years).
  • Model LEED for Operations and Maintenance (O+M) performance and estimated Building Design and Construction (BD+C) operational performance
  • Compare measured performance to building performance standards, including ASHRAE 100, Energy Star and local regulations.
  • Create and apply custom performance targets.
  • Predict the impact of performance changes on LEED points.
  • Evaluate alignment with the EU Taxonomy.
  • Generate Arc scores and create LEED readiness reports.

Taken together, these options give LEED project teams an extensive set of tools to collect, manage and communicate operational performance. Watch the explainer videos for a step-by-step introduction to the new capabilities:

Who has access?

Performance tools are automatically available for all LEED-registered and -certified LEED for BD+C, ID+C and O+M projects. The tools are not available for LEED for Cities and Communities, LEED for Transit, Parksmart or other Arc-supported systems.

Getting started is easy: Any certified or registered project will automatically see access in Arc. The capabilities are free for three years after the date of registration or certification. After that time, access can be continued through recertification or Arc Essentials. For projects that have already achieved LEED certification within the past three years or LEED recertification within the last year, access to these performance tools is provided as well.

Project Status

Performance Tools Access

Registered for LEED certification in LEED Online

Yes, until certification

Registered for LEED certification in Arc

Yes, until certification

Achieved LEED certification within the last 3 years

Yes, 3 years past certification date

Achieved recertification within the last year

Yes, 3 years past recertification date

Registered for recertification in Arc

Yes, 1 year past registration date

What is the difference between Arc Essentials and Performance Tools?

Arc Essentials remains available for subscription to all users, as it involves everything Performance Tools offers and more. Portfolio reports are available to Arc Essentials users only. Custom reports and data exports can be done on the portfolio level to manage assets altogether and indicate best and worst performers.

The bottom line

The new performance tools for LEED projects are a major step forward in our ongoing effort to drive building improvements and celebrate performance. Performance Tools offers a way to make certification management and scoring more streamlined, with a comprehensive suite of tools to analyze all aspects of project performance. What's more, access to these tools is free, and once you register for certification, it's easier than ever to create and maintain sustainable buildings.

If you have a LEED-registered or -certified project, log in to find your project in Arc. Questions? Contact us.

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