Arc for LEED
Performance-based green building certification
Arc provides tools to collect, manage, and score data needed for LEED certification.
Prepare for LEED certification with three key tools:
LEED Readiness
Create a project, load entire portfolios and see where you stand with respect to LEED performance requirements.
LEED Certification
Use Arc or LEED Online to generate scores for energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience.
LEED Recertification
Score performance data to streamline recertification for any previous LEED project and earn recognition for continued leadership.
Ready, set… certify
Arc makes it easy to use real world performance data to evaluate LEED Readiness. Arc users can create project or portfolio reports.
You choose how to manage your project
Arc and LEED Online work together to give LEED users choices for how to manage their projects. Data flows between the systems to make it easy to enter and score performance.
Keep your edge
Arc powers LEED recertification. Projects earn points from past certification and add points for real world performance. They can submit through Arc for GBCI review and recertification.
Get started with LEED today
Create a project, add data, generate scores, and evaluate LEED Readiness.