Ela Green School and SIERRA ODC opt for Arc Re-Entry to ensure a safe indoor environment for students and occupants

Sarah Merricks
Published on
Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Arc Re-Entry provides tools to benchmark infection-control policies and procedures, collect occupant experiences and track indoor air quality

CHENNAI, INDIA - FEBRUARY 6, 2021 - Today, Arc, a global technology platform, announced the first set of companies to adopt its Arc Re-Entry tool in India. Created in response to COVID-19, Arc Re-Entry prepares spaces for safe re-entry and its currently being leveraged by a variety of building types around the world, including offices, schools, factories and sporting venues. In India, Ela Green School adopted Arc Re-Entry to ensure its students and teachers could return to school in a safe and healthy environment, securing a Re-Entry Comprehensiveness Score of 87% across all three strategies: Facility Management (100%), Occupant Observations (87%) and Indoor Air Quality (73%). Similarly, SIERRA ODC Private Limited, an Indian Offshore Software Development Service Provider, has secured a score of 90% across these strategies: Facility Management (100%), Occupant Observations (90%) and Indoor Air Quality (80%).

The Re-Entry Comprehensiveness Score provides a comparable measure of the breadth and documentation of facility management policies, occupant experience and measured indoor air quality, including factors such as relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and particulate matter. The three strategies within the score help projects share and compare information on policies used to manage the spread of infectious disease, engage with occupants to understand their experience, measure conditions to help management target action to improve this experience and, ultimately, build confidence in re-entering their spaces.

Arc Re-Entry’s set of management tools are available for free for any project, anywhere to collect and manage disease control-related information. And because the indoor environment in buildings continually changes, Arc Re-Entry uses an iterative process where projects re-evaluate their score every week, month or quarter to ensure projects continue to perform and improve overtime. Facility managers and building owners can access the tool through the Arc performance platform and add data to generate a Re-Entry Comprehensiveness Score. Arc Re-Entry also allows facility managers to evaluate the relationship between expectations for policies and procedures with occupant experience, and can help identify opportunities to implement LEEDs Safety First Credits and the WELL Health-Safety Rating.

Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, Managing Director, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, GBCI said, “India is managing the pandemic fairly well and we are seeing offices, schools and colleges, manufacturing facilities, warehouses and data centres increasingly start to open up. While we need to revive our economy, the health and wellbeing of our citizens is equally important, and tools like Arc Re-Entry allow us to support the re-occupancy that can help jumpstart economic recovery while also ensuring safe indoor environments. Organizations are adopting safety measures as they re-open and we have noticed heightened interest in monitoring building performance. We are excited to see Ela Green School and SIERRA ODC gaining the first mover advantage. There are many more in the pipeline and other early adopters have also committed to using the platform including Danfoss, JLL and K. Raheja to manage their COVID-19 safety protocols and communicate clearly with occupants to ensure their safety, and their confidence in facility managers.”

Ms. Samhita. M, Founder Director, Ela Green School speaking about opting for Arc Re-Entry said, “Ela Green School has been designed and constructed to provide enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality. However, given the current scenario, we had to be doubly sure that our space is safe to guarantee reduced risk of contagion and transmission rate of infections. Arc Re-Entry gave us the opportunity to comply with global standards as well as a means for guidance to ensure safety. It also helps us to convey to our students’ parents on how we have addressed key safety parameters at school. In addition, by having Arc Re-Entry, we not only have a transparent display system of our measures implemented, but also a feedback system to study and evolve continuously to ensure that the integrity of a healthy learning space is sustained.”

Mr. Giridhar JG, CEO & Managing Director, SIERRA ODC Private Limited stated, “We wanted our return-to-workplace strategies to be implemented with a greater focus on people, providing transparency and also supporting a safe and confident re-entry for our employees, clients and suppliers. Hence, to evaluate and follow safety measures against the global COVID-19 pandemic with international standards, we went ahead with Arc Re-Entry.”