Efficiency Analysis tool now available for portfolios in Arc

Kristina Koh
Published on
Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Feature image credit: Lindsay Reid.

A future for the built environment that is aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement requires every building to be more energy-efficient. This motivated an important update to Arc Efficiency Analysis—adding the capability to analyze not just individual projects, but also portfolios. Efficiency Analysis beta users will find the tools in a section of the Arc Portfolio.

The expanded Efficiency Analysis tool allows users to select up to 10 of their projects at a time and compare their efficiency. Filtering tools allow users to create comparisons based on factors including climate zone, energy use intensity or gross floor area. Key features include the ability to do four things:

1. Track performance

  • Analyze modeled annual energy use breakdown in terms of heating, cooling and other use.
  • View overall energy usage for a variety of metrics.

2. Analyze efficiency

  • Evaluate heating and cooling efficiency intensity.
  • Understand modeled energy usage at every temperature.
  • Identify the temperatures at which projects achieve the highest heating, cooling and overall efficiency.

3. Take action

  • Prioritize changes needed to increase energy efficiency based on worst overall performances in several metrics.
  • Use various resources to decrease energy usage.

4. Report

  • Transparently communicate the efficiency performance of the portfolio with stakeholders.
  • Report findings to determine efficiency measures required for particular projects or recognize the best-performing projects in the portfolio.

The figure below shows a sample portfolio with ambient temperature on the x-axis and modeled energy required to heat or cool a space by one degree on the y-axis:

Efficiency Analysis for Portfolios is available now for every project enrolled in the beta. You can learn more about the new features during our next monthly demo or by joining us at an upcoming event like MIPIM or GBCI Circle. For more information, reach out to the Arc team.

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