Are you using the latest version of the Arc user interface?

Dave Witek
Published on
Monday, July 27, 2020

Arc is always focused on providing you with the best possible engagement on our platform. That includes the products we offer, the visuals we create and the user experience we provide.

Arc released a new navigation path last November and transitioned the user experience to create a better, more streamlined interface that responded to what users asked for most. That came with new capabilities, new metrics and new tools. While we were excited to offer this improvement to users, some were more comfortable navigating the platform they already knew. For that reason, both versions of the platform have been available to users since the updated version launched. This offered both options and the ability to visualize the benefits of the new interface.

The Arc platform has seen many major advancements in the first half of 2020, many of which aren’t reflected on the older version of the interface. These are a few of the experiences, tools and capabilities that users on the older platform cannot currently utilize:

 We’re in the process of bringing certain aspects from the previous platform version onto the current version so you don’t see any functionality loss. On August 16, 2020, all accounts will permanently transition to the updated version of the platform to ensure that everyone is receiving all of the benefits the new version provides thanks to the suggestions received from users.

To ensure you are in the current version of the platform, login to Arc and look for a notification at the top of the page stating “You are using the latest version of Arc. The older version will not be available after August 15, 2020.”

We appreciate the feedback you’ve provided and encourage you to continue helping us improve the Arc platform so it best addresses your goals and needs.