Arc for state and local governments: New tools for performance-based green building practice

Chris Pyke
Published on
Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Arc powers the next generation of green building practice with tools to measure, score, and communicate the real-world performance of spaces, buildings, and places.


Arc sits in the middle of a growing ecosystem of tools. Arc interfaces with systems designed to collect and manage operational performance data, such as energy use, water consumption, commuting, and occupant experience. Arc interprets data and generates scores that can be used to recognize leadership, including Performance Certificates or LEED certification.  


Arc has a simple, incremental engagement process. First, Arc is free for every project everywhere. This means that any space or building can immediately get started organizing data, scoring performance, and sharing results. 

Some projects may elect to subscribe to generate Performance Certificates. These provide incremental recognition for individual performance categories, including energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience. Performance Certificates combine scores, Key Performance Indicators, and rigorous automated quality checks. This provides a simple tool that projects can use to communicate performance.    

Finally, we hope that superior projects will aspire to earn LEED certification. Arc supports this with tools to streamline submission for new LEED O+M certification or performance-based recertification. Fees for LEED are the same as those offered through the long-standing LEED registration and certification process.  

Policy support

Arc supports state and local efforts to improve the real-world performance of spaces, buildings, and places. Key opportunities include:

  • Arc supports any project. Basic Arc tools are free, and this makes it possible for any project to manage data, generate scores, and communicate results. This means that jurisdictions always have an option to help public and private buildings get started on a journey to understand and improve performance. 

  • Arc supports disclosure. Arc Performance Certificates provide a practical tool to generate scores and Key Performance Indicators tied to a specific time period and backed up with automated tests. Performance Certificates are a display-quality PDF linked to a specific date range. They indicate whether or not the project passed five rigorous automated tests. This means that state and local governments can include Performance Certificates as an option for the disclosure of energy, water, waste, transportation, or human experience.    

  • Arc supports education. Arc is a professional tool. It also has proven to provide fun and practical tools to support K-12 and higher education. Arc turns schools into living laboratories where students can experiment with energy efficiency, water conservation, human experience, and much more. Curriculum and lesson plans are available through the Center for Green Schools Building Learners Program.

  • Arc supports green building. Arc provides a performance tracking and communication tool to support any green building policy framework. Arc can be used with any new construction rating system to measure, score, and communicate performance. Arc’s five performance categories allow policy makers to “unpack” certification and understand outcomes related to specific issues they care about (e.g., water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions). 

  • Arc supports program management. Arc is more than a great tool for project teams. Arc also aggregates projects into portfolios and provides summary performance metrics and reports. This can help public sector program managers track projects across a jurisdiction or setup more targeted groups, such as elementary schools, fire stations, or libraries.  

About Arc

Arc Skoru is a Washington, D.C.-based subsidiary of the Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI) and part of the U.S. Green Building Council family of organizations. Arc works to advance USGBC’s market transformation mission to provide green buildings for all within this generation.

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