The Arc Insight User Guide

Chris Pyke
Published on
Thursday, December 17, 2020

Back in October, we announced a significant upgrade to Arc Insight, part of the Arc Essentials suite of tools. The new capabilities allow Arc users to search for locations around the world, explore LEED Building Design & Construction performance goals and credit achievement, and analyze alternative credit achievement strategies. The features have provided the basis for market analysis, design charrettes, and the development of green building policies. 

We are grateful for the intrepid efforts of our Insight early adopters, particularly because they used the tools without instructions. Fortunately, help has arrived in the form of  the new Insight Guide. This action-packed resource contains everything an Arc user needs to know to understand and apply Insight tools, including step-by-step guidance for

  • Analyzing locations

  • Interpreting metrics and strategies

  • Understanding zEPI scores

  • Creating models

  • Managing teams

  • And more!

We hope this information helps project teams set ambitious and achievable green building goals tailored to market conditions in a specific location and property type. Anyone can download the Guide and learn more about Insight capabilities. 

Let us know if you need more information or help.