Arc in 2022

Kristina Koh
Published on
Friday, January 13, 2023

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As we start the new year, we want to reflect on the progress Arc and its users have made in 2022. Every day, we track dozens of metrics on our Impact page, celebrate high performance and encourage improvement. In 2022, we embraced a simple, scalable engagement process: Load anything. Score everything. Certify the best.

Some highlights from this year:

  • Arc users have activated 7.6 billion square feet of spaces and buildings in 141 countries.
  • Arc provided new tools to engage the whole market, including efficiency analysis, in partnership with Schneider Electric.
  • Arc supported a growing set of building performance standards from a common core of data, illustrated by our expanding capabilities for advanced scoring and custom targets.
  • Arc joined the Green Sports Alliance to launch and operate Play to Zero—recognizing performance improvements by sports teams and venues.
  • Arc continued to grow its partner network, now encompassing more than 20 market-leading organizations around the world.

With added features and capabilities, Arc continues to serve as a platform for users of all kinds, loading multiple data points, scoring in countless metrics and certifying the top performers.

View some measures of progress last year toward our data-driven solution to sustainable improvement.

Progress in 2022

Our projects can be found in 141 countries all around the world. As recently as a few years ago, Arc users were found mainly in the United States. In 2021 and 2022, though, we saw a great increase in representation from Central and South America, Europe and Asia, with 7,200 new projects added to the platform, a majority of them retail, office, warehouse and core learning spaces. Almost 17,000 new users joined Arc this year. These users contributed to the over 109,000 total users who have signed up for Arc since its inception.

Like Arc Performance Certificates, another way to celebrate performance is through LEED certification and recertification. We have seen a dramatic increase in projects using Arc to pursue performance-based LEED recertification, as 2022 had 77% more recertifications than 2021.

Finally, we are also proud of Arc’s role in broadening our market engagement. Today, approximately 40% of Arc projects are associated with LEED, including LEED for Operations and Maintenance certifications, recertifications and registration. The other 60% of Arc projects are measuring, tracking and scoring operational performance for a wide variety of other reasons. This is an important new dimension of our mission to drive market transformation.


For every 10 buildings in Arc, approximately three are LEED-certified.

Looking ahead to 2023

These accomplishments inspire us to do more in 2023. We believe that measured, real-world performance is the future of green building and the pathway to improved sustainability and reduced carbon emissions.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve a growing global community of like-minded professionals, and are looking forward to supporting an even larger impact in 2023 through more engagement, more data, more tools and more partnerships.

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